SHOXXXBOXXX – Space for Creative Ideas, Art Label, Studio Community


1. Space for Creative Ideas
An atelier-gallery space in Berlin-Friedrichshain, founded by visual & performing artist / graphic designer Shou aka SHOXXX in 2011.

2. Art Label & Community Platform
We host and participate in varied cultural events.

3. Studio-Community (Ateliergemeinschaft)
Since end of 2017 SHOXXXBOXXX is used also as a studio-community (Ateliergemeinschaft).


SHOXXXBOXXX sign board

1. Space for Creative Ideas

This space was originally a washing machine workshop and has since been renovated by amateur workers.
Here we are hosting events sporadically, like exhibitions, music video nights, living-room concerts, also cultural & culinary events and more. We support the emergence of new art by hosting a variety of small events which aim to inform as well as entertain.


2. Art Label + Community Platform

As an art label we are organizing varied cultural events at our atelier-gallery and also outside of the house. The activities of SHOXXXBOXXX are often supported by our lovely friends from different fields (artists, musicians, designers, IT developers, cooks, social workers, etc.), so that SHOXXXBOXXX works also as a local cultural community at the same time.


Photo left (c) FeW

3. Studio Community (Ateliergemeinschaft)

Since end of 2017 SHOXXXBOXXX is used also as a studio-community (Ateliergemeinschaft). The rooms are used by 5-6 fixed community members who are active in various fields, such as design, visual arts, music, translation, etc..

shoxxxboxxx atelier
shoxxxboxxx atelier
Atelier member:
Shou aka SHOXXX

as SHOXXX (visual art, performance, and more)

as Shoctopus Graphics (print+web design, corporate design, illustration, and more)

as Puppe’n Mucke (music- art project)


photo by Vincent Roux
Atelier member:
Johannes Marx

Johannes Marx (musician, innovator, etc.)

MARX (band)

Pitchtuner (band)

Atelier member:

Mina is visual artist. Working on paintings, textiles, art workshops, etc..

Atelier member:

Mirjam is stage designer. She designs and makes sketches and miniature models for theater projects.

Atelier member:

Vlad is media artist. He is working on films and animations.

Atelier member:
Atsuko Nishimura

Atsuko is Japanese-German-English translator & interpreter. And also director of a design company in Japan.