SHOXXXBOXXX Weekday Lounge vol.01 – Video Screening “Puppe’n Mucke”

Dienstag 19.Dez.2017


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SHOXXXBOXXX Weekday Lounge vol.01

SHOXXXBOXXX Weekday Lounge is a new event series which features a simple program and good (and cheap) food.
It is held on a weekday at atelier-studio SHOXXXBOXXX. Nothing big but nice :-)

Eintritt frei – Spende für die Künstler bitte!

//////////////////// VIDEO SCREENING ////////////////////

“Puppe’n Mucke Modenschau”
(ca. 25min.)
Screening time: 19:00- / 21:00-

A video from Puppe’n Mucke’s fashion show at gallery Neurotitan on 2.Dec.2017 at the vernissage of a group exhibition “Who is afraid of friendly capitalism”.
The band members 4 + special guests 9 = 13 people appeared with puppet costumes on a special stage with catwalk.

Puppe’n Mucke is a Berlin-based music and art collective. They play trashy electro rock wearing huge original puppet costumes designed and hand-sewn by SHOXXX. More info:

//////////////////// MINI LIVE CONCERT ////////////////////

Puppe’n Mucke
Semi acoustic live session by Puppe’n Mucke

//////////////////// ESSEN ////////////////////

“Gyoza” Japanese / Chinese dumplings
Vegan / mit Fleisch

13. Dec. 2017 posted!