Sat. 26. Jan. 2019 - SHOXXX's Live Animation @West Germany (venue), Berlin

SHOXXX will show the Live-Animation Performance,
and also will play keyboard/synth in a band "MARX"!!

Saturday 26.Jan.2019
SHOXXX's Live Animation, The John V. Variety Hour, MARX

Door: 20Uhr, Shows start: 21Uhr

EVA Ververi Kunst Agentur presents:
Einen Abend mit SHOXXX, The John V. Variety Hour und MARX.

>>> facebook event page <<<

SHOXXX's Live Animation Performance
She brings her illustrations and cut-outs to life.
Her original stories with those characters unfold on a table by using various analog technics and tricks.
Setting a camera above the table, then projector screens its live view.
Here is more pictures and videos:

feat. Jemima Rose Dean (dance)

is a Brooklyn-originated, Berlin-based one-person multi-instrumentalist electro-psych extravaganza, hosted by its main cosmic performer, John V. Variety, and accompanied by a revolving array of likewise alien musical/artistic guests. A phantasmagoria of polyrhythmic grooves and performative tableaux fun for species of all galaxies. This set will feature professional planetary dancer Jemima Rose Dean in physical collaboration with every present track, while a Futurist ballet of the past projects just behind. Sera Seines will also play the role of Producer, supplying electronics and background vocals.
Jemima Rose Dean:

is slow music. Escaping from Facebook, WhatsApp and busy streets the trio is searching for a better place. Their sound is somewhere between Low and Beach House and reduced to the essence. Calm down, open up and get yourself ready to dive in.
J Marx (GER) - vox, guitar, electronics
Shou (J) - keyboard, synths
Marco Brosolo (IT) - drums, synths, samplers
LINK : soundcloud

@ West Germany (venue)
Skalitzer Straße 133, 10999 Berlin

Thu. 17. Jan. 2019 - Puppe'n Mucke w. Pleasure Trips @Hangar49, Berlin

SHOXXX's music- art- project Puppe'n Mucke 's concert!!!

2 x Live + 1 x DJ!!!
- Pleasure Trips (Record Release Party)
- Puppe'n Mucke
- DJane Grrrle

Pleasure Trips are hosting a colourful party with live music, DJane, and a few special surprises to celebrate their record release.
Puppe'n Mucke ( open the night with trashy electro rock performing in crazy life-sized puppet costumes.
After the show, DJane Grrrle plays a mix of Soul, R’n’B, Reggae and Tropical.

Pleasure Trips ’Do You Want Me‘
The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here ...*drum roll*...we finally delivered and our new EP is here:
’Do You Want Me‘, is a potpourri of Indie Pop, Rhythm‘n’Blues, Gospel, Folk and Caribbean Music. It ranges from energetic upbeat grooves to playful acoustic tunes.

>>> facebook event page <<<

@ Hanger49
Holzmarktstr. 15-18, 10179 Berlin

(c) Daniel Pergamenschikow

8.+9. Dec. 2018 - Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt @Malzfabrik, Berlin

The original!!!
Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt Berlin

Saturday 8. + Sunday 9.Dec.2018   12 - 21h (2 days!!)

Music, dance, sumo wrestling, sake, kendama, curiosities, antiques, handcrafts, arts, illustration, painting, kids corner…and MUCH MORE!!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

SHOXXX will bring her artworks there, and make special exhibitions / installations. And there will be X'mas SHOXXX SHOP!! You can buy posters, pupptes, t-shirts, bags, comics, buttons, stickers, etc. :-)
And her performances will be shown on Saturday & Sunday.
Don't miss it!

Saturday 8.Dec.
SHOXXX's music & art project "Puppe'n Mucke" will play there!!!

Sunday 9.Dec.
SHOXXX's Live Animation Performance

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Bessemerstr. 2-14, 12103 Berlin, Germany

more information:

>> facebook event page <<

Thu. 25. Oct. 2018 - Puppe'n Mucke show @West Germany (venue), Berlin

SHOXXX's music- art- project Puppe'n Mucke 's concert!!!
There are 3 more acts in the evening, so don't miss this special line-up!

Thursday 25.Oct.2018
Puppe'n Mucke, The Schnick Schnack, USTED, Laure Boer

Door: 20Uhr, Shows start: 21Uhr

EVA Ververi Kunst Agentur presents:
Einen Abend mit Puppe'n Mucke, The Schnick Schnack, USTED und Laure Boer.

>>> facebook event page <<<

Puppe’n Mucke

The Schnick Schnack
(lo-fi trash pop toy music casio punk)


Laure Boer
(Hypnotic Music. Mystical Rituals. Witchtronic. Expertimental.)

@ West Germany (venue)
Skalitzer Straße 133, 10999 Berlin

Sat.6. + Sun. 7. Oct. 2018 - "Berlin Graphic Days" @X LANE, Berlin

Sat. + Sun. SHOXXX will be there with her artworks (T-shirts, puppets, prints, installation, etc.)!!!

Sat.6. + Sun. 7. Oct.2018
Berlin Graphic Days #12

Saturday: Art Festival from 1pm to 10pm
Sunday: Art Festival, 1pm to 9pm

The famous Berlin Graphic Days Festival will take place at the XLANE Space, in the middle of Kreuzberg.

More than 80 national and international designers, illustrators, silkscreeners, and many more kind of artists emerging from a large range of graphic fields will present and sell their artworks.

Entrance fee : Day ticket: 5€

More info: Berlin Graphic Days #12 Facebook

Reichenberger Str. 154
10999 Berlin

22.+ 23. Sep. 2018 - "Bilderberg Konferenz" underground comix festival


"Bilderberg Konferenz" underground comix festival vol.4
Reichenbergerstr. 114, 2. HH

Saturday and Sunday from noon 'til drunk
Zwangspende/Forced donation: Give anything between 5 - 23.000.000 €

Every visitor gets a copy of the most awesome TINTINA AND THE OMEGA-ART-comic book, which will only ever be availible here and therefore become super rare and be worth millions if you keep it in a safe for 50 years!

As usual, this years' event will feature:
- Comix & Zines & more
- Bands
- Performances
- Animations
- Tattoo Artists
- Food, Beer and Drinks

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
FOOD by Caro (Fox Italic)

16.00 SHOXXX's Live Animation
17.30 Inutile Témoin (fragile noiserock / madpunk de Berlin)
19.00 Wasted Loads (some kind of music from Leipzig)
20.30 The Gondors (garage rock'n'roll)
22.00 Animation Films & Doc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

18.00 Le PleriplErnst, clown/mime performance
18.30 Abstract Nympho (dream-noise)
19.00 The Brave Believing Dreamers (electro-punk-opera)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tattoo artists: Shaltmira and Ricaletto
DJs: dj Kitty B Shake, Jimmy Trash, Mystico & Wolpertinger
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
SHOXXX's Live Animation Performance on Saturday!
Aaaaand, SHOXXXBOXXX presents Japanese Food on Sunday!!

more info :

Fri. 21. Sep. 2018 - Live-Animation Performance @Barbiche, Berlin

SHOXXX's Live-Animation Performance!!

Friday 21.Sep. 2018
"Angels Elektro Games Vol.4"

Marco Brosolo + SHOXXX

Marco Brosolo (IT)
(Digital Campfire Songs)

Marco Brosolo has been constantly active as a visual artist and performer of music since 1999. This was also when he started the music project “9” combining art and pop-songs. As a visual artist he makes paintings and drawings that mix the styles of rough comics and conceptual art as well as video pieces exploring the synaesthesia phenomenons. In the past he worked as performer for the theatre experiment W.I.P. (La Fura dels Baus – Spain) and has composed several theatre music pieces for the French company Kali&Co. Since 2006 he has been developing a multi- sensor instrument called AST that was presented for the first time at Transmediale 2010, in Berlin. Under the pseudonym “9” he released the album Eponymous featuring 9 “digital campfire songs” in 2009. In 2012 has been released the EP Volo Sbranato with lyrics by italian poèt maudit Federico Tavan. In 2009 Marco Brosolo co-founded Moving Silence, a platform of contemporary silent films and live music. In the same year started Silentiophon, a musical-reading based on texts by legendary poet Gherasim Luca, which was peformed in Germany, France and Italy. Brosolo was invited to several music, theater and art events all over Europe. He joined the resident choir of the Haus de Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (led by Barbara Morgenstern). In 2013 Brosolo started MosivooR, an experiment where a non professional voice ensemble performs the live sound for contemporary silent movies. In 2015 Brosolo releases “Cadremo Feroci”, an album with international guest artists like Barbara Morgenstern, Dominique A, Robert Lippok, Rudi Moser (Einstürzende Neubauten), Bobby Solo among others.

(Live-Animation Performance)

She brings her illustrations and cut-outs to life.
Her original stories with those characters unfold on a table by using various analog technics and tricks.
Setting a camera above the table, then projector screens its live view.

Here is more pictures and videos:

Door Open: 19h

>>> facebook event page <<<

@ Barbiche
Kunstraum | Bar | Coworking Space
Potsdamers. 151, 10783 Berlin

Barbiche ist: Das kleinste Cabaret der Stadt, ein nostalgisch- moderner interdisziplinärer Kunstraum mit tollen Drinks.

Sat. 28. Jul. 2018 - "Kawaii Festival Berlin" @HO Berlin

SHOXXX will be there with her artworks (T-shirts, puppets, prints, installation, etc.)!!!
Aaaaand, Puppe'n Mucke will also play on the stage!

Sa. 28.Jul.2018
@HO | Berlin

A festival for Japanese-Sub-Culture-Lovers!! (Cosplay, Characters, Fancy Fashion, etc.)
(Chekc the Ticket!)

"Das #KawaiiFestival ist das erste urbane Avantgarde Festival für die junge Generation!""

"Wir holen das Lebensgefühl Harajukus nach Berlin. Kreativität, Kunst, Mode und ein einzigartiges Programm bilden unser Fundament.
Wir verwandeln Berlin für einen Tag in den buntesten Ort Deutschlands."

More info:

HO | Berlin
Holzmarktstraße 66
10178 Berlin

22.-24. Jun. 2018 - "In Joy We Share" Art event @NeonKunst, Berlin

It's time for "48 Stunden Neukölln"!!!
SHOXXX, SHOXXXBOXXX and Puppe'n Mucke will take a part of an art event "In Joy We Share" at a gallery-bar NeonKunst in Neukölln!

Fri.22., Sat.23., Sun.24.Jun.2018
"In Joy We Share"

Presented by NeonKunst

NEON KUNST trusts in sharing and existing friendships in the here and now. We want to experience, develop and share. Crafting utopias and making them real. Drawing power from the reality around us. Coming from a variety of different positions, we focus on what we have in common. Coming together is our NEW REALITY. We celebrate being, and look forward to a shared 48 hours in Neukölln together with you at NEON KUNST.

Exhibition with Performance, Installation, Dance, Video, Music and live Printing

Dylan Bakker, Ignatz Bee, SHOXXX, David Braithwaite, Vj Chuuu, Raving Mad Carlos, Czentrifuga Collective, David Flowerkraut, Michiyasu Furutani, Werner Kernebeck, Kurihara, Jean Peut-être, Puppe’n Mucke, Fluss Pluss, Gogo Trash, Yoan Trellu

>>> facebook event page <<<

Herrfurthstr. 23, 12049 Berlin-Neukölln

Program Fr. 22.06.:
Vj Chuuu
Better Restaurant (Furutani,Trellu,Bakker,Kurihara)
Fluss Pluss

Program Sa. 23.06.:
Raving Mad Carlos
David Flowerkraut on Nyckelharpa

Program So. 24.06.:
Puppe`n Mucke
D. Braithwaite, W. Kernebeck

mini portable crane game machine by Shoxxx

Sat. 12. May 2018 - Performance at "Anko-Kai" @Polnischen Versager, Berlin

SHOXXX's Live-Animation Performance!!

Saturday 12.May 2018
"Anko-kai vol. 95"

♥♥♥ Party for hairy Geishas and Yakuzas with boobs ♥♥♥
This time SHOXXX make S.P show
Don't miss it

Dj: monster lancer
Drag queen: Parisienne Sasazuka

Doors open at 20:00; Entrance free, Tips welcome ;)

♥♥♥ 日本人ゲイ/レズ/おこげなんでもアリの社交界 ♥♥♥
アンコ会 Vol 95 今回はShoxx ちゃんがスライド紙芝居やってくれますよ

Dj: Monster Lancer
オネエ: Parisienne Sasazuka

Open20時 Show21h?,?

>>> facebook event page <<<

SHOXXX's Live Animation Performance:

Club der polnischen Versager
Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

(c) photo from Anko-kai facebook page.

Thu. 10. May 2018 - PopUp Group Exhibition @VOODOO55, Berlin

SHOXXX will take a part of a Pop-Up group exhibition Experiment!

Thursday 10.May 2018

Carla P. Bertone & Uriol Jane are excited to invite you to our EXPERIMENT !
It is a PopUp exhibition featuring amazing works which can relate to the idea of experiment…
What might happen one night in a kind of "old-fashioned-under-temporary-artist-run-space" in Berlin Wedding?

Come up and find out!

>>> facebook event page <<<

Willi Tomes / Random pointer / Alby Alamo / Uriol Jane / Jessica Buhlmann / Joanna bmb buchowska / Annett Müller-Dorn / Arthur Mitlag / Juan Arata / Ana Maria Millan / Rallitox / Agustina Palermo / Gonzalo Reyes Araos / Esteban und León Rivera / Oskar Mohr Uriol / Ilya Mohr Uriol / Carla P.Bertone / Aleksander Gudalo / Aelee Ko / Gregorio Planchuelo / Juan Nazar / Amalia Valdes / Jonas Tumbrink / Panagiotis Margaritis / Marìa León / Daniel Mohr / Shoxxx / Katrin Kampmann / Benedikt Richert / Carolina Padilla Villarriaga

Turbo Jambon

Live music:
Ilo Pan

Müllerstraße 55, 13349 Berlin Berlin-Wedding

Wed. 28. Mar. 2018 - Puppe'n Mucke show @Loophole, Berlin

SHOXXX's music- art- project Puppe'n Mucke 's concert!!!

Wednesday 28.Mar.2018
"Puppe'n Mucke meets Schnick Schnack!!"

Sound Kitchen Berlin presents :
2 x funny-crazy-lovely-trashy shows at Loophole Berlin in Neukölln.

>>> facebook event page <<<

Puppe'n Mucke (Elektro-rock)

Puppe'n Mucke is a Berlin-based music and art collective, founded in 2013 by musician RavingMadCarlos and visual artist SHOXXX.
They play trashy electro rock wearing huge original puppet costumes designed and hand-sewn by SHOXXX.
They mix electro beats and sounds with diverse instruments such as melodica, bongo, keyboards, bass and guitar, featuring guest singers and artists. The result is a very funny-to-watch-performance of crazy characters playing original enjoyable music.

Schnick Schnack (lo-fi trash pop toy music casio punk)

Schnick Schnack is a berlin-based duo that plays trashy-pop music with toy instruments.

Doors: 20 hr / Live shows: 21hr

Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

Sat. 13. Jan. 2018 - Puppe'n Mucke solo show @Barbiche, Berlin

A solo concert of a music- and art- project "Puppe'n Mucke" by SHOXXX and her friends!!

Saturday 13.Jan.2018
Door 19h / Admission 5,-

Camp Review #4
On Stage: Puppe'n Mucke

Motto-Party : "Be a puppet"

Puppe'n Mucke solo show!!!
...And a Motto-Party :-)
Come as a puppet and dance with us!!
(Of course, that's also fine if you come as a human :-))

>>> facebook event page <<<

@ Barbiche
Kunstraum | Bar | Coworking Space
Potsdamers. 151, 10783 Berlin

Barbiche ist: Das kleinste Cabaret der Stadt, ein nostalgisch- moderner interdisziplinärer Kunstraum mit tollen Drinks.

Sun. 10. Dec. 2017 - SHOXXX at Nippon X'mas Market @Loftus Hall, Berlin

SHOXXX will participate in a X'mas market for Japanese art, craft, food etc. in Berlin-Neukölln

Sunday 10.Dec.2017   12-20h

NIPPON MARKET X'mas edition

@ Loftus Hall
Maybachufer 48 / Ecke Pannierstr., 12045 Berlin

Japanischer Weihnachtsmarkt in X-Kölln
Hier finden Sie japanisches Essen, japanische Kunst, japanisches Handwerk, japanische traditionelle Kleidung.. und mehr!

Eintritt 2€
*Kostenloser Eintritt unter 12 Jahren!
*Kimono Girls(& Boys) haben ebenfalls freien Eintritt!

>> facebook event page <<

Sat. 02. Dec. 2017 - Puppe'n Mucke special performance @Neurotitan, Berlin

My puppet band / art project "Puppe'n Mucke" will do a special performance at opening of a group exhibition!!

Saturday 02.Dec.2017   18h-

MODENSCHAU (Fashion Show)

At the opening of a group exhibition
"Who is afraid of friendly capitalism"

@ Galerie Neurotitan
im Haus Schwarzenberg
Rosenthalerstraße 39
10178 Berlin

>> facebook event page <<

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
< About the exhibition >

Jim Avignon und Fehmi Baumbach presäntieren:
"Who is afraid of friendly capitalism"
Capitalism is never friendly

02.12.2017 - 06.01.2018

mit aktuellen Arbeiten von
Betty Stürmer | Dylan Bakker | Fehmi Baumbach | Fynn Steiner |
Jim Avignon | Lizz Lunney | Lutz Pramann | Maria Gideon |
Nathalie Huth | Patrick Sellmann | Sandra Haselsteiner |
Steffen Vielhauer | Team Nettmann Huth | Various & Gould

am Samstag den 02.12.2017 ab 18.00 Uhr

mit Live Acts von Panxi | Jonas Poppe | Frau Kraushaar | Erneuerbare Energien

...und Puppe'n Mucke Modeschau!!!

We will build up a special stage for Puppe'n Mucke fashion show :-)
It's gonna be a special peformance. Please don't miss it!!!

04. - 30.Oct. 2017 - Group Exhibition "Bitter Sweet" @Galleri Heike Arndt Berlin

Group Exhibition "Bitter Sweet"

Shoxxx (JP) multimedia & prints,
Kurihara (JP) painting & drawings,
Dylan Bakker (NZ) drawings,
Maria Persson (S) drawings,
Peter Glas (DE) sculptures,
Shwan Dler Qaradaki (KUR) shortfilm,
Frank Paul (DE) sculptur & paintings,
Iván Prieto (ES) sculptures,
Michael Dunk (DK) drawings

International Exhibition "Bitter Sweet "
October 4th – October 30th 2017

Mi.-Fr. 13-19Uhr / Sa. 11-18Uhr

Vernissage :
October 4th at 7-10pm

@ Galleri Heike Arndt Berlin
Voigtstr 12, 10247 Berlin

Autumn is on its way and we open our new exhibition with a bunch of colors, feelings, smiles and maybe even some tears.We have chosen to shine the spotlight on this whole spectrum.

The Japanese artist Shoxxx and Swedish artist Maria Persson take us into a playful and childish world.The sculptures of Frank Paul, Iván Prieto and Peter Glas are characterized by their ironic reflectiveness. Dylan Bakker and Kurihara present lyrical stories of very different mental landscapes. And Shwan Dler Qaradaki hits us right in the heart with his short film about the journey to a new home.

The strength of this exhibition lies in its sensitive versatility, which cannot leave us unmoved.

>> facebook event page <<