Tue.13.Aug.2024 - SHOXXX solo set @Many Tentacles, Berlin

I will play my solo set at our friends' studio/shop, a very special and well-loved place called Many Tentacles in Berlin-Mitte.

SHOXXX solo set: An unique and captivating solo act featuring melodica, keyboard, loop station, and small instruments. Singing whimsical and silly lyrics in Japanese, English, and German with a punk DIY spirit. Ideal for fans of subculture and experimental music as well as people who seek absurd pop music! SHOXXX may appear in puppet costume.

/// Many Tentacles Summer Concert 2024 ///

Tuesday 13.August 2024, 19-24h

concert with:
Moriaariava + Kurihara

with VJ Chuuu and DJ La Tercera Mano

Tonbo is on tour in Europe. After his show with us last year we are stoked to welcome him back, alongisde the legendary Shoxxx. To complete the trifecta, Moriaariava will perform in a duo wit Kurihara. For more complete resonance VJ Chuuu and DJ La Tercera Mano will keep the occult vinyls and trippy visuals spinning.

Many Tentacles
2HH 2OG, Haus Schwarzenberg
Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin

Flyer - drawing art work: Kurihara

Berlin Sounds x Images | Farewell Choo Choo Train by Patric Catani & SHOXXX

I happily announce this collaboration work with Patric Catani - curated by Nadia Says (Your Mom’s Agency) - released on GUZZU

/// Berlin Sounds x Images ///

Farewell Choo Choo Train is the celebration of multi-talent artists Patric Catani and SHOXXX meeting one last time before SHOXXX says goodbye to Berlin.

- - -

For this exclusive piece, Japanese comic artist SHOXXX and video game music composer Patric Catani (Puppetmastaz), collaborate on the song Farewell Choo Choo Train, published by Edition Stora / Freibank, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Catani, and featuring additional vocals by SHOXXX who created the matching animation showcasing her puppet installation photographed by Michael Felsch. The journey takes us through a forest of laughing trees and jumping mushrooms, and through adventurous dark tunnels where spirits are also passengers on this joyful rollercoaster train escaping the tentacles of Mt. Kraken.

Patric Catani is a Berlin-based music producer known for a wide range of live projects, album releases, soundtracks, sound installations, and collabs including with the likes of Peaches and Gonzales. By now, he has been involved in over 100 releases under his real name and various monikers. Nowadays, Catani focuses on producing sophisticated video game soundtracks, living his childhood dream of scoring games. The soundtracks he made for hit games like Pit People, BattleBlock Theater or Alien Hominid Invasion, developed by the San Diego based cult company The Behemoth for Xbox, Steam, and Nintendo Switch, are cherished by millions worldwide.

SHOXXX is a visual and performing artist; her hand-sewn fabric objects are vibrant, eccentric, and playfully challenge the notion of art as a luxurious item. Through her installations and performances, SHOXXX invites audiences into her fantasy world, sparking their sense of adventure and imagination.

Photograph: Michael Felsch (dunkelkammerpictures)
Photo retouch & animation: SHOXXX

more info:

13.Oct.2023 - 100 + 1 JAHR DIN-A4 @Schau Fenster, Berlin

I'm participating in this group exhibition at gallery "Schau Fenster" in Berlin.

100 + 1 JAHR DIN-A4

100 + 1 Jahr DIN-A4 ein verspäteter Geburtstagsgruß an ein Weltformat.
Eine Gruppenausstellung mit 101 Positionen – zusamengestellt von Jan Brokof und Jan Kage

13. Oktober 2023 | 19:00 - 23:00 Uhr
14.10.2023 - 22.10.2023
Werktags, nach Vereinbarung

Jan Brokof
Jan Kage
SCHAU FENSTER - Raum für Kunst
Lobeckstr. 30-35 (U8/M29 Moritzplatz)
10969 Berlin

Mit Beiträgen von:
Marie Aly / Julius Anger / Nadja Anklam / Jim Avignon / Benjamin Badock / Marlene Bart / Olaf Bastigkeit, Alexandra Baumgartner / Theo Boettger / Felix Bork / Emmanuel Bornstein, Fritz Bornstück / Anina Brisolla / Jan Brokof / Joanna Buchowska / Ulrike Buhl / Angela Bürgel / Chérie / Raen Coplin / Friedrich Villao Crespo / Emess / Brad Downey / Amélie Esterhàzy / Elena Alonso Fernández / Tony Franz / Moritz Frei / Jay Gard / Andrej Glusgold / Diederik Gerlach / Robin Goldbach / Sebastian Gögel / Tahnee Godt / Jenne Grabowski / Jürgen Grewe / Philip Grözinger / Andreas Hachulla / Daniel Hahn / Sebastian Haslauer / Jens Hausman / Alex Heide / Philipp Hennevogl / Christian Henkel / Gregor Hildebrandt / Andreas Hildebrandt / Karin Hunger / Ulrike Hogrebe / Stefanie Imbeau / Verena Issel / Michelle Jezierski / Niels Kalk / Andrey Klassen / Fee Kleiss / Alexander Klenz / Peter K / Koch / Stefan Krauth / Clemens Kraus / Jan Kromke / Peter Kröning / Christoph Krönke / Alicja Kwade / Dirk Lange / Adrian Lohmüller / Wolfgang Lugmair / Dieter Mammel / Dennis Mähne / Roswitha Maul / Henrik van Meckenem / Sebastian Menzke / Monika Michalko / Robert Mießner / Ekaterina Mitichkina / Steve Morell / Wolfgang Müller / Johannes Mundinger / Anne Mundo / Anne Neukamp / Osmar Osten / Eberhard Pastow / Andrea Pichl / Philip Pink / Manfred Peckl / Mario Peinze / Katja Pudor / Natascha Pötz / Paul Pretzer / rambazamba_atelier / Renaud Regnery / Isabel Reitemeyer / Christoph Roßner / Georg Sadowicz / Alexandra Schewski / Shenja Schittkowski / Moritz Schleime / Caroline Schmid / Bettina Scholz / Julia Schoch / Henrik Schrat / Josefine Schulz / Matti Schulz / Nadja Schütt / Eva Schwab / Peter Sempel / Shoxxx / Michaela Spružinová / Charlie Stein / Dirk Teschner / Daniel M / Thurau / tober / Falk Töpfer / Katharina Trudzinski / Maud Tutsche / Marta Vovk / Rein Vyncke / Paul Waak / Denise Walther / Su Weiss / Ken Wiatrek / Daniel Wiesenfeld / Ilse Winckler / Marlon Wobst / Nadine Wölk / Yaneq / Silvio Zesch / Ralf Ziervogel / Frank Zitzmann / 44Flavours

more info:
Facebook Event

Work in progress... :-D

30.Sep.2023 - "ART FAIR EARTH 2023" @art space tetra, Fukuoka, JP

日本のアートプロジェクトでトークをします(リモート参加)。9月30日土曜、福岡市のart space tetraが会場で、日本時間20時から(ベルリンは13時)。後日イベントの映像がオンラインにアップされるそうです。

I will join a talk session (in Japanese) about the art scene in Berlin, how to survive as artist, etc. on Sat.30.Sep.. This is a part of the art project organized by art space tetra in Fukuoka, Japan.

@art space tetra


 坂本 豊 / Yutaka Sakamoto【アーティスト】(日本/ Japan)
 SHOXXX【アーティスト・キュレーター】(ドイツ/ Germany)

このイベントは、会場となるart space tetraとベルリンにあるAtelier SHOXXXBOXXXとオンラインで繋ぎ、開催するトークイベントとなります。

art space tetra
〒812-0028 福岡市博多区須崎町 2-15

22.-25.Jun.2023 - Adventure Playground - 48 Std. Neukölln @NeonKunst, Berlin

I'm participating in this group exhibition which is a part of 48 hours Neukölln Festival.

Adventure Playground

An exhibition with Installation, Performances and spontaneous actions.

As the mindless modernist age starts to fade out, to be replaced by the mindfull utopian era, we collect ourselves amongst the debris of what used to be- and what might have been- and learn to see what is surrounding us as a playground of posibilities and an invitation for adventure. The adventure playground.

Th.22.06.2023 from 6pm
Performance: Das Frenk / Lady Gaby

Fr.23.06.2023 from 7pm
Performance: Takuya Kurihara / Schmacke / Caren Sielaff
Sa.24.06.2023 3-7 pm
Performance: Das Frenk / Raving Mad Carlos / Caren Sielaff
So.25.06.2023 3-7 pm
Performance: Das Frenk / Oliver O. Rednitz / Schmacke

Àngeles Alarcon / Lindy Anis / Ignatz B / Dylan Bakker / Rob Blake / David Braithwaite / Raving Mad Carlos / Breeda CC / chuuu / Czentrifuga Collective / Ann Dettmar / Tanja Ehmann / Faucht / Das Frenk / Lady Gaby / Mao Haimura / Henrik Jacob / Uwe Jonas / Werner Kernebeck / Buffy Klama / Elizabeta Kostadinovska / Takuya Kurihara / Marko Krojac / Laura L / Itamar Lerner / Andy Leuenberger / Regina Mielich / Mirka Pawlik / Olivia Pils / Fluss Pluss / Susann Poenisch / Torsten Prothmann / Oliver O. Rednitz / Jutta Scheiner / Schmacke / Spunk Seipel / SHOXXX / Caren Sielaff / Elisabeth Sonneck / Clive Tsolekile / WER DA / Zwek

48 hours Neukölln:

Neon Kunst
Herrfurthstr. 23, 12049 Berlin

19.May.2023 - UN1TY art show @B-Part Am Gleisdreieck, Berlin

I'm participating in this project - multimedia group exhibition, and will show 2 x photo collages and do a performance on 19th of May.


How can the boundaries between artists and their audience, the portrayers and their subjects be taken down? UN1TY is a multimedia group exhibition dedicated to the question of how artistic processes can be democratized and de-hierarchized. The show focuses on the art of portraiture – from studio photography, retouched and augmented imagery, collage, moving image to AI-generated photography and live interaction for a fuller artistic expression, as well as the representation of the self as home.

Art Show
Friday May 19, 6-9PM
& Saturday May 20 2-6PM

The exhibition vernissage will present the multimedia portraits created in group sessions as well as in the workshop together with the audience. The works will be enhanced by live performance and interaction in space by the artists present and made a multi-sensory experience. On the following day, the works will be exhibited as visual pieces only.

Free for All Workshop
Sunday May 14, 5-8PM

In the course of a workshop open to both the artists and the public, the exhibition works are developed and selected based on the structures of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), the curation is guided by the work of all participants as well as their votes in an election process.
The workshop also features a guided discussion between the artists and the audience that explores the portrait as a creative genre, the use of new tech along with emerging questions of copyright and accessibility, and potential approaches to creating democratic structures in art. In the second half of the workshop, participants will dedicate themselves to the practical creation of an AI portrait and will participate to different practical workflows including a DAO-inspired curatorial vote. The traditional barriers between curator and artist will fall, and the audience will gain deeper insights into the organization of an exhibition.

► UN1TY artists are: Aconite, Andreas Schimanski, Claire Saint Marc, Cloaking, Danny Muster, Kyoka, Lady Gaby, Noura Hafelia, Olcan Akçay, and SHOXXX.

► Concept & implementation: Nadia Says (Your Mom’s Agency)
► Art direction B-Part Exhibition & Loop Raum: Rüdiger Lange
► Project coordination & text: Sophie Boche, EN press release, DE press release

more info:
Facebook Event

B-Part Am Gleisdreieck
Luckenwalder Str. 6b, 10963 Berlin
google maps

Featured images created using AI by Andreas Schimanski with support from all UN1TY artists

The photo was created using AI by Andreas Schimanski and retouched by SHOXXX

19.Nov.2022 - Daniel hasn’t left the building @Oblomov, Berlin

At this event I play 3 songs as solo performance, incl. one cover song "Walking the Cow" by Daniel Johnston in Japanese.

Samstag 19. Nov. 2022
20 UHR-

Soundwatch und Marco Brosolo present:
Konzert - "Daniel hasn’t left the building"
Daniel Johnstons Musik – neu interpretiert

“Daniel hasn’t left the building” is a project celebrating the music and art of Daniel Johnston.

The concert presents musicians who have interpreted songs by Daniel Johnston in their respective native languages:
SHOXXX (Japanese)
Sound 8 Orchestra (French)
BROSOLO (Italian)
Klaus Beyer (German)
Chikiss (Russian)

Additionally, Daniel Johnston’s original music from tape.

musical director: Marco Brosolo

The project “Daniel hasn’t left the building” was started in 2020, shortly after Daniel Johnston passed away in 2019. In January 2022, around Daniel Johnston’s birthday, music clips were produced featuring several [new] Berlin musicians* performing cover versions of Johnston’s songs as a “phone booth performance”.

more info:

Lenaustraße 7, 12047 Berlin Neukölln

03.Nov.2022 - Serigraffeur presents "ART ZIEHEN" @Interkosmos, Berlin

I participate in this art action / group exhibition at a cafe/bar Interkosmos, Berlin.


Serigraffeur und Interkosmos präsentieren:

eine Gruppenausstellung mit 10 Künstler:
und 2 mehr tba.


Curated & organized by Serigraffeur

Fanningerstr. 47 10365 Berlin

22.Oct.-11.Nov.2022 - "Unbelievable Friendship" @Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin

I participate in this group exhibition at the gallery Neurotitan, Berlin.

What is intangible about life, but defines every living being.
Tangles up and unwinds in the utmost mysterious ways?

- - - - - - -


is an experimental collaborative exhibition built in honour of Friendship, as an ingredient that holds the power to magically transform any way of human interaction. Towards one another, towards the world known or unknown and towards the multiplicity of creation.

Cultivating gratitude, generosity and genuinely compassionate behaviour needs a shift in consciousness that debunks the myths of singularity and rather gravitates towards an appreciation of experiencing the spirit of shared existence, reaching far beyond our perception of time and space.

Focusing attention at the layers of reality which unite hands and hearts and the wisdom of innumerable beings, until the structures of matter in this world are able to take on new, surprising forms.

The presented works are installed in a manner that seeks cohabitation and reinforcement, some resulting from long term intended collaborations, others from streams of parallels that naturally evolved into the moment where they can be shared in the gallery space together.

The title of the exhibition UNBELIEVABLE FRIENDSHIP comes from a composition by Filip Misek from his album released under the same name this year.

All there is is the grace of unbelievable friendship.

Produced and curated by Many Tentacles

In collaboration with:

Dylan Bakker | Leon de Backer | Sinclair Brazier | Fine Brendtner | Maria Cukor | chuuu | Jan Durina | Kyra Van Erp | Michiyasu Furutani | Sophie Hathaway | Chantal Kirch | Atomic Komrade | Kurihara | Silvia Langers | Martu | Filip Misek | Chananja Mulder | Gabriela Müller | Sophie Nap | Heike Nowotnik | Neža Peterle | Emilee Sheldon | Sachin Shetty - Drift | SHOXXX | Lisa Smith | Nathan Taare | Andy Weber | Liza Weber | Wolfgang | Andi Zant | UVM

@ Galerie Neurotitan
im Haus Schwarzenberg
Rosenthalerstraße 39
10178 Berlin

24.+ 25. Sep. 2022 - "Bilderberg Konferenz #08" underground comix festival

"Bilderberg Konferenz" underground comix festival vol.8
Reichenbergerstr. 114, 2. HH, Berlin-Xberg
Saturday and Sunday from 14h 'til drunk

SHOXXX will do the live-animation performance on Sunday 25.Sep. at 19h!!!

Berlin Marathon? Pff!
Lollapalooza? Bah!
There's only one place where the really cool cats hang out... the 8th installment of the BILDERBERG KONFERENZ - Berlin's most elitist comix festival!
The BK is a two day underground comix festival in Kreuzberg with comix, zines, live music, animation movies, food and beer.

Program (might still change):

17h JOHNNY & THE ROTTEN - punk
18h GLAAS - postpunk
19h OLD MEN GROUP - beat‘n‘roll
20h VRALT - dark’n’heavy
21h EGG IDIOT- weird hi-speed punk
23h Dirk’s animation selection

18h THE SHNA - postpunk
19h SHOXXX animation performance
20h BIG DADDY MUGGLESTONE - singer/songwriter

more info : https://www.facebook.com/events/1035886947110680/

SHOXXX translated a song "Sayonara" by Chuckamuck into Japanese

SHOXXX translated the lyrics of a song "Sayonara" of Berlin-based garage-punk band "Chuckamuck" into Japanese.

"Sayonara" by Chuckamuck
チャカマック - サヨナラ

Out of the upcoming album LANGUAGE BARRIER
(releasedate 29.1.2021 on staatsakt records)

Recorded on tape by Max Power, Thomas Götz & Lorenz O'tool
Mixed by Lorenz O'tool
Mastered by Norman Nitzsche
Lyrics by Oska Wald
Translation by SHOXXX

Animations by Oska Wald
Cut & Edit: Henrietta Bauer, Oska Wald

About Chuckamuck

posted on 26. Jan. 2021!

SHOXXX played a cover song for a Radio Show: Daniel Johnston Special

SHOXXX translated the lyrics of a song "Walking the cow" of Daniel Johnston into Japanese and played it for this radio show.

129600° Daniel Johnston – 60th Birthday @ Cashmere Radio

As part of the show The Ear Has To Travel hosted by KitKat, musician Marco Brosolo and special guests celebrate the music and art of outsider musician Daniel Johnston, who would have turned 60 this year on January 22. Brosolo and author/curator Annette Maechtel will explore the allround (360°x360°=129600°) genius of Johnston as a musician, songwriter, poet and visual artist. The radio show is the kickoff of further activities (exhibition, concert, screening) later in the year as the public health situation allows.

Featuring music by Daniel Johnston and exclusive covers in various languages by:

Klaus Beyer (German)

SHOXXX (Japanese)

Marco Brosolo (Italian & English)

Alvise Bittente (Klingon)

Alvise Nodale (Friulian)

Paranoia Godard (Italian)

Chikiss (Belarusian)

In cooperation with Soundwatch Music Film Festival Berlin
Co-presented by Natalie Gravenor.

Listen to the radio show here:
This archive is available for a while (then it will not be able to listen online.)

posted on 26. Jan. 2021!