“SHOXXX in da BOXXX” Ausstellung + Kunstauktion


We will close at the end of October.
This will be the second to last party at Atelier SHOXXXBOXXX…!!

Ausstellung + Kunstauktion + mehr

Alle Werke stehen zum Verkauf.
Die Ausstellung ist schon ab 27. + 28.Sep. 15-20Uhr zu sehen.
Kein Vorverkauf, aber Vorab-Gebote möglich ab 27.Sep. 15Uhr.
No pre-sale, but pre-bidding possible from 27.Sep. 3pm.

/ / / KUNSTAUKTION ab 19Uhr
– Alles muss raus!! –
Auktionator: Coost (Czentrifuga)
Mit Hilfe von: Serigraffeur

Puppen (-Kostüme), Drucke, Malerei, und mehr.
Der Auktionskatalog (PDF) ist online zu sehen. Der Katalog wird noch aktualisiert und final festgelegt am 27.Sep. um 15Uhr.
Wir akzeptieren: Bargeld, EC- & Kredit-karte, Paypal

/ / / Die Auktion wird LIVE GESTREAMT!
Ihr habt also Gelegenheiten aus der Ferne zu bieten.
Aber um sicher zu gehen, ist es doch besser, vor Ort zu sein ;-)
Technical support: Johannes Marx

auction catalog shoxxx

/ / / Music
DJ Götz
mit vintage Plattenspielern
DJ Götz
/ / / Food
“Croquettes” (vegan)
by Kuri & chuuu
/ / / Bar
Special Shōchū Cocktail
by Miyu

We also have regular drinks (beer, wine, juice, etc.)


posted on 22. Sep. 2023!

ART AUCTION – “SHOXXX in da BOXXX” Alles muss raus!

shoxxx auction flyer temp version

Please save the date!!

The second last event at Atelier SHOXXXBOXXX

Friday 29.Sep.2023, 17-23Uhr

Alles muss raus!!
Since I leave Berlin soon and move back to Japan, I cannot take all my artworks there.
So, it would be great if you take some piece of my artworks… :-)

Auction Moderator: Coost
Mit der Hilfe von: Serigraffeur

It will be also live streamed!!!
More info will follow soon!

posted on 14. Sep. 2023!

A very sad news….

It’s very sad to announce this…Atelier SHOXXXBOXXX will close at the end of October 2023. Our rental contract was suddenly cancelled and we have to leave.
(Why? Now I’m making a comic to explain the circumstances.)

But there are some more fun plans before its closing.

– – – – – – – – – – – –
Please save the dates!!

Thu. 14.Sep.2023 – SHOXXXBOXXX Live Dream #25 feat. SOSOSO
Online Event / Live Streaming

Fri. 29.Sep.2023 – ART AUCTION!!! “SHOXXX in da BOXXX” Alles muss raus!!
@Atelier SHOXXXBOXXX, and also online!!
Almost all my artworks must go! They are too big to bring to Japan…
(Yes, SHOXXX leave Berlin and move back to Japan.)

Fri. 27.Oct.2023 – Official Closing Party

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Above all… I would like to say a big thank you to all who participated in the events of/at SHOXXXBOXXX, supported us, had fun with us!!
I opened this atelier SHOXXXBOXXX in 2011 and now it has been already for 12 years…! Although there were some quiet time (my baby break, corona, etc.), here was always something nice going on here. I’ve experienced so many good things through atelier SHOXXXBOXXX. What the most beautiful thing is that I could get to know many interesting & creative people and also these people connect each other.
After I left Berlin, I will carry on being creative and open-minded.

Thank you so much and hope to see you at one or more of upcoming events at SHOXXXBOXXX.

Shou aka SHOXXX

posted on 13. Sep. 2023!

sad pig>

“DEAD TIME DATA” by Andy Leuenberger, as part of Comic Invasion

We are very happy to announce this exhibition which will happen at Atelier SHOXXXBOXXX!

As an official satellite event of
Comic Invasion Berlin 2023 Satellite Event

28.04. – 08.05.2023

A Comic Series by

Vernissage: Fri. 28.Apr.2023 17-23h (scroll down for details)
with food, bar and live concerts
Exhibition: 29.Apr. – 8.May 2023
Open hours: daily (closed 1.+2.May) 15-20h

Original drawings will be on display, comics and screen-prints will be available.

– – – – – (English)
“Dead Time Data” is a growing collection of short comic stories reflecting on over-stimulated perception.

So far a series of four 40-page, black and white issues have been self-published. The short stories are self-contained but take place in related settings of an expanding cosmos. DTD No. 1 is a collection of short stories. DTD No. 2, 3 and 4 are 40 page stories each. The first three issues are wordless, the fourth is with text.

“Nothing” (DTD No. 3) was presented with an exhibition at Microsiphon Festival, Mulhouse, FR, in 2022. “Buzz” (DTD No. 4), along with the entire series, is being presented in a satellite exhibition of the Comic Invasion Berlin 2023.

Andy Leuenberger (Berlin) is a cartoonist, artist, print-maker and micro-publisher. Comics have appeared in numerous anthologies and press. He has an extensive catalogue of self-published books, regularly participates in festivals for comic, printmaking and micropublishing and has exhibited internationally.

instagram: @andy.leuenberger

– – – – – (Deutsch)
„Dead Time Data“ ist eine wachsende Sammlung von Comic-Kurzgeschichten die über die Überreiztheit der Wahrnehmung reflektieren.

Bisher sind vier vierzigseitige, schwarz/weiß Ausgaben im Eigenverlag erschienen. Die Kurzgeschichten sind eigenständig, finden aber in einem zusammenhängenden und expandierenden Kosmos statt. DTD Nr. 1 ist eine Sammlung von Kurzgeschichten. DTD Nr. 2, 3, 4 sind je vierzigseitige Geschichten. Die ersten drei sind ohne Text, der letzte ist mit Text.

“Nothing” (DTD Nr. 3) wurde mit einer Ausstellung am Microsiphon Festival, Mulhouse, FR, in 2022 präsentiert. “Buzz” (DTD Nr. 4) und die Ganze “Dead Time Data” Serie, wird mit einer Satellitenausstellung an der Comic Invasion Berlin 2023 vorgestellt.

Andy Leuenberger (Berlin) ist Cartoonist, Künstler, Drucker und Selbstverleger. Comics sind in einem paar Anthologien erschienen. Er hat einen Katalog von selbst-veröffentlichen Büchern, nimmt regelmäßig an Festivals für Comic, Siebdruck und Kleinverlagen und hat international ausgestellt.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Friday 28.April 2023, 17-23Uhr

Our bar will be open, cheers!
We also have special food (vegan / non-vegan)! Please come hungry :-P

With Live Performances by:

popon (Berlin/Japan/Bristol)
Japanese sound artist and improviser popon began her musical journey as the singer in a punk band before swerving into more experimental territory. Now she uses an arsenal of electronic devices and small instruments to create blurry industrial noise jams that are as informed by Bristol’s progressive bass landscape as they are ’80s Japanese DIY sounds and children’s music.

Mat Pogo (Berlin/Italy)
is a vocalist, improviser, music producer, dj, graphic artist and cartoonist.
He has been an active voice on the european underground scene since the early ‘90s. He co-founded the multimedia collective Burp Enterprise and the music label and publishing house Burp Publications, the avant-garde pop band Jealousy Party and DJ collective Sistemi Audiofobici Burp.
Based in Berlin since 2006 he’s been part of the improvised music, noise and avant rock scenes collaborating with many international artists in music, performance and dance fields. He performed in international festivals as a solo artist and ensembles. His work has been published by several international labels.
Current available projects are Jealousy Party, Voix Magnetiques and Peepholes, besides solo performances and activity as an improviser.
His language as a vocalist uses his experience as a rock singer, improviser and radio artist: music, sounds, anecdotic and narrative elements fuse in an expressive way and often with a delicate sense of humor.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This is an official satellite event of Comic Invasion Berlin 2023.

20230428_dead_time_data_Andy_Leuenberger Flyer

20230428_dead_time_data_Andy_Leuenberger Flyer

Mat Pogo - Performance at the exhibition by Andy Leuenberger in 2015

posted on 11. Apr. 2023!

Meet the LIVE DREAM Team!! Exhibition, Live-Streaming, DJ & more!

Freitag 7.Oktober 2022
18-23Uhr (CEST/ UTC+2)

Special event featuring the live-streaming project “SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM” which we started in Corona time…

Meet the LIVE DREAM Team!!

This is also a REAL & PUBLIC EVENT with live-streaming show, exhibition, DJ, food and more!!

Line Up:
Exhibition – Stage Decoration & DIY gadgets
by SHOXXXBOXXX Live Dream Team

18Uhr- Japanese Food
by Kuri

20Uhr- Live Streaming Show feat. highlight shows 2021
by SHOXXXBOXXX Live Dream Team

DJ – RavingMadCarlos


It’s an online live streaming project created by Johannes Marx & SHOXXX.
They started this project in May 2020 exactly in the Corona lockdown time in Berlin, in order to keep the opportunities for musicians/artists incl. themselves to perform and for audience to watch it online.

They invite artists into their special-made dreamy box and people watch live what they perform there. 100% DIY live streaming project from Berlin!

Johannes Marx (musician, artist, innovator – Pitchtuner, MARX, MARX Instruments) created a special live-streaming set.
Stage design and graphics are made by visual artist SHOXXX.

YouTube @shoxxxboxxx

Flyer - meet the live dream team!!

live dream highlight 2021

posted on 4. Okt. 2022!

Comic Exhibition “Midnight Sabzi” by PATU, as part of “Comic Invasion”

Yes, finally! This is an official public event at Atelier SHOXXXBOXXX since about 3 years…!!!

PATU’s Comic Exhibition “Midnight Sabzi”

9.-13.Mai 2022

Sonntag 8.Mai 2022

We have special food (vegan)! Please come hungry :-P
We also open our bar.

“Midnight Sabzi” by Patu
Die Ausstellung „Midnight Sabzi“ zeigt Auszüge aus Patu‘s aktuellem Comic-Zine-Projekt. Innerhalb einer Nacht passieren wundersame Dinge, wenn Jujito und Stui zusammenkommen. Eine Begegnung an einem regnerischen grauen Abend führt an seltsame Schauplätze, an denen Blicke getauscht werden, sich unbekannte Portale öffnen und Verwandlungen stattfinden. Was im Kopf einer Dinosaurier-Statue beginnt, entwickelt sich zu einer magisch, humorvollen queeren Love Story.

Patu is an illustrator and comic artist.
More about the artists:
instagram: @patuparia

This is a satellite event of Comic Invasion Berlin 2022.

patu comic exhibition

posted on 28. Apr. 2022!


Donnerstag 12.August 2021
20Uhr- (CEST/ UTC+2)


mit Puppe’n Mucke

Puppe’n Mucke
Puppe’n Mucke is a Berlin-based music and art collective, founded in 2013 by musician Raving Mad Carlos and visual artist SHOXXX.
They play trashy electro rock wearing huge original puppet costumes designed and hand-sewn by SHOXXX.
They mix electro beats and sounds with diverse instruments such as melodica, bongo, keyboards, bass and guitar, featuring guest singers and artists. The result is a very funny-to-watch-performance of crazy characters playing original enjoyable music.
The current core members of Puppe’n Mucke are: Raving Mad Carlos (Vocal, Keyboard), Luca aka FlussPluss (Guitar), Benten (Vocal) and SHOXXX (Melodica, Vocal)

More about the artists:

>>> facebook event page <<<

Watch on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shoxxxboxxx
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/shoxxxboxxx

We will kindly ask the viewer for a donation via Paypal in order to be able to continue this project and pay for the performed artists. Thanks for watching us (in advance)!

created by Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner, MARX, MARX Instruments) & SHOXXX. Live streaming from Atelier SHOXXXBOXXX in Berlin-Friedrichshain


posted on 10. August 2021!

SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM #06 – Señor Depressivo

Donnerstag 03.September 2020
21Uhr- (CEST/ UTC+2)


mit Señor Depressivo

Señor Depressivo
Brauchen Sie einen Experten in Sachen Liebeskummer? Dann sind Sie bei Señor Depressivo an der richtigen Adresse. Er kennt alle Facetten den Herzschmerz betreffend, er singt Ihnen aus der Seele. In Frack und Zylinder und mit Clark-Gable-Schnurrbart kommt er daher und mit seiner tiefen Schmirgelstimme untermalt von einer melancholischen Orgel oder einer niedlichen Ukulele vertont er mehr-und-weniger berühmte Stücke von bspw. Hildegard Knef oder Gilbert Becaud. Auf deutsch, englisch und manchmal französisch besingt er die dunkle Seite der Liebe (oder des Lebens oder auch des Wetters) mit herzzerreißender Tragik(omik) und zieht damit Junge und Alte aus allen Schichten und Schubladen von egal woher in seinen Bann.

(EN) Need an expert for lovers grief? Then call Señor Depressivo. He understands all the facets of sorrow and accompanied by piano or ukulele he interprets more and less known songs from the 20s to the 60s such as the ones of Hildegard Knef or Gilbert Becaud. Dressed in top hat and tails with a Clark-Gable-moustache, he sings in german, english and french about the dark side of love (or life or weather) in a heart-wrenching tragic(omic) way, mesmerising both – the young and the old of all layers and drawers from no matter where.

More about the artists:
Señor Depressivo on FACEBOOK

>>> facebook event page <<<

Watch on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shoxxxboxxx
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/shoxxxboxxx

We will kindly ask the viewer for a donation via Paypal in order to be able to continue this project and pay for the performed artists. Thanks for watching us (in advance)!


posted on 24. August 2020!


Donnerstag 06.August 2020
21Uhr- (CEST/ UTC+2)


mit Harmony Molina
Live analog visuals by SHOXXX

Harmony Molina
Harmony Molina is a chilean singer-songwriter who makes music because he couldn’t make it as shoe salesman back in Santiago.
He pours all his frustration and sorrow onto short pieces (as he calls them) of music. He is about to release a new Album called “Truffles” in which he talks about summer heartbreaks, depression and fairy tales.

More about the artists:

>>> facebook event page <<<

Watch on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shoxxxboxxx
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/shoxxxboxxx

We will kindly ask the viewer for a donation via Paypal in order to be able to continue this project and pay for the performed artists. Thanks for watching us (in advance)!


SHOXXXBOXXX LIVE DREAM #04 – Paranoia Godard

Donnerstag 09.Juli 2020
21Uhr- (CEST/ UTC+2)


mit Paranoia Godard

Paranoia Godard
ist ein Antiparanoid-Musikprojekt. Der deutsche Schauspieler-Regisseur Godehard Giese und der italienische Musikerproduzent Marco Brosolo treffen sich in Berlin und bilden 2016 die Gruppe. Zusammen produzieren sie die 12 Tracks des ersten Albums “Concezione”, das von Giese geschrieben und von Brosolo arrangiert wurde.

Die Liebe zur italienischen Musik wurde in Giese dank Donna Elvira und einem gewissen Latin Lover geboren. Studieren Sie deutsche und italienische Literatur in Berlin, bevor Sie sich an der Akademie einschreiben, um Schauspieler zu werden. Von diesem Moment an gab er sein Darlehen unter anderem an Wim Wenders, Tom Tykwer und Gore Verbinski.

Brosolo studiert Malerei in Venedig und hat immer das Lied der Ringo-Trommeln und die Instinkte des Morricone-Arrangements erforscht. Lernen Sie die Klangtechnik in Koper. Dann wurde er vom Instinkt nach Berlin katapultiert und lebt in einer Blase.

Paranoia Godards Musik ist wie ein Film, der in einem leeren Raum gedreht wird, in dem die Blätter zu einer Winterlandschaft werden. Es ist Kammermusik im Gesichtsfeld. Es ist wie eine Oper, die gleichzeitig intim und erbärmlich ist. Es ist balsamische Paranoia.

Wir freuen uns sehr, die beiden Künstler und ihre Musik kennen zu lernen.
Seid dabei und findet heraus, wie sich die beiden in der SHOXXXBOXXX zurecht finden!

More about the artists:

>>> facebook event page <<<

Watch on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shoxxxboxxx
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/shoxxxboxxx

We will kindly ask the viewer for a donation via Paypal in order to be able to continue this project and pay for the performed artists. Thanks for watching us (in advance)!


posted on 07. July 2020!