Short Animation Festival update (28.Dec.2011 updated!)

------ EN ------ (Deutsche Sätze folgt unten / 日本語テキストは少し下をご覧ください)
Hellooo to all of you who took part in our animation festival! we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for helping us create such a nice event!!!

We originally had a plan to make promotional dvds to sell during and after the event. Due to technical difficulties and lack of time we did not make them in the end and have decided not to publish something this time. However, we are now making plans for the next animation festival!!! We are currently putting together out preliminary plan and we predict that the next event will take place in summer, either june or july. The next will take place in a larger venue, with a more varied line up and much more to see!

If you are interested in the next event, please send us an Email ( to get further informations.

Thanks again to everyone, happy holidays and see you next time!!!

best wishes

------ DE ------
hallooooo liebe Leute, die an unserem Animationsfestival teilgenommen haben. an dieser Stelle möchten wir gerne Allen von Euch noch mal danken, da wir ein echt super schönes Event haben konnten.

Eigentlich hatten wir den Plan, DVDs zu machen und während und nach dem Event zu verkaufen. Aber wegen technischen Schwierigkeiten und Zeitmangel haben wir es leider nicht geschafft, und am Ende haben wir uns entschieden, dass wir dieses Mal doch nichts publizieren werden…
Trotzdem machen wir eben einen Plan für das nächste Animationsfestival!!! Wir haben schon viele vorausgehende Ideen, die auch schon ziemlich konkret sind,
- es wird im Sommer, entweder Juni oder Juli stattfinden,
- der Ort wird größer sein
- mit vielgestaltigerem Line-Up, viel mehr zu sehen, etc.

Wenn Ihr Euch am nächsten Even interessiert, bitte schick uns eine Email (, um weitere Details informiert zu werden.

Vielen vielen Dank noch mal an Alle, und wünschen Euch schöne Festtage!!
bis nächstes Mal!!!

liebe Grüße

------ JP ------

- 次の夏(6月もしくは7月)に開催予定
- 会場は前回よりも大きい場所
- さらに充実したアニメーション作品ラインアップ、展示やパフォーマンスもさらに多彩に!




< 1st Part - Film Screening >

< 2nd Part - Performance, Live Music >

Participated artists (16.Nov.2011 updated!)

Great thanks for all artists which joined us. It was a wonderful day with many varied films, performances, and music!!!
And thanks for your visit!! We had such nice audiences and atomsphere!!!

Over the next days we will be uploading photos and more information from the event.

Disclaimer!!! Shoxxx Boxxx does not own the rights to any of the films shown at the festival or promoted on this website. All the films promoted are owned by the artists.

We intended to have a promotional DVD ready to sell on the day of the festival but we ended up accepting submissions until the last minuet and did not have the time to complete this. We still plan to make the DVD and to promote the films further online. All artists have the right to refuse promotion. Any money made from selling DVD's will be used to support and promote the next festival, which we plan for this coming summer!!!!!


Alexandra Macdonnell (Australia)
"Michelangelo Eats A Bad Pizza" - 2009

Alison Schulnik (USA)
"Hobo Clown" - 2008

Andreas Stoiber (Germany)
"Krach der Roboter/Hello World!" - 2009

Andrew Mcnay (USA)
"Stand Alone" - 2009

Angie Reed (USA/Germany)

Anna Katharina Weißenfels (Germany)
"An abstract story" - 2010
Anna Katharina Weißenfels is a young choreographer who started experimenting with stop motion during her first choreographic sketches. She is exploring animaiton as a tool for storytelling and the simulation of choreographic sequences.

Artiom Barkun (Lithuania)
"Evening Tea" - 2010
"Once In June" - 2011
Artiom Barkun is a filmmaker and animator from Lithuania, currently based in Cambridge, UK. He received a degree in Film Studies at Anglia Ruskin University. Evening Tea is Artiom's first animation work.

Beata Niedhart /// Suny Pain (Germany)
"SUNY PAIN" - 2011
SUNY PAIN is a barely decipherable clip-collage of the monstrous universe of SUNY PAIN strictly aimed for the dancefloor in oder to bomb the audience.

Beatrice Baumgartner (Switzerland/England)
"La Maison Oubliee" - 2009
"Japanese tree" - 2011
'La maison Oubliee' The Forgotten House, is an animation made within a sculpture, which presents the viewer with a world both wonderful and strange. In the absence of humans, unearthly phenomenon starts occurring in this house. Traces of human presence are consumed by nature's incessant force, creating a dissident view of an imaginary home.

Betsy Dadd (Britain)
"There Come Thru the Woodlings" - 2010
"Dove come rain"
Flies circle the zebra corpse and wood burning stoves smoulder in the forrest. Hand drawn and painted images morph from one to the next in this haunted animation.

Bruce Cameron (Britain)
"Wired" - 2008
Bruce Cameron graduated from the Masters in 2D/3D Motion Graphics at the Glasgow School of Art in 2008. Since graduating he has worked on two feature films, 'Sir Billi the Vet' starring Sean Connery and 'The Illusionist' by Sylvian Chomet. As the Resident Ginger in Toads Caravan, a freelance collective based in Glasgow, Bruce has worked on multiple projects including 'Apple' for channel 4 and a Belle and Sebastian music video (I didn't see it coming) with Illustrator and animator Lesley Barnes. His work focuses on Motion Graphics and animation.

Carla Easton (Scotland)
"The Supposed Relationship Between Two Triangles" - 2010
Carla Easton works within the media of video and sculpture, utilising an aesthetic language of humour, pathos and childishness. In her work she explores subculture and dismantles the problematic relationship between pop and art. She lives and works in Glasgow and is currently an MFA student at Glasgow School of Art.

Chihiro Kyozuka (Japan)
"UNRAVEL" - 2010
"UNRAVEL" just as the word means, i express the unraveling process using stopmotion animation.

Chuuu (Japan)
"Byo-do-" - 2009
This animation is a promotional film for a japanese musician ODD based in Berlin.
Chuuu is an artist/painter/video-performer from Japan. Since 2003 he has been working in Berlin. He has his own studio at Art House Tacheles.

Corina Schwingruber (Switzerland)
"Sad Riders" - 2010
Director: Corina Schwingruber Ilic, Luzern, Switzerland
Band: The Sad Riders
Lausanne, Switzerland
Titel of the song: Victoria

Joaqun Cocia, Cristbal Leon and Niles Atallahcom (Chille)
"Luis" - 2008

Crypto 1 (Germany)
"Spear of Destiny" - 2006
One version of the creation of the universe

Czentrifuga (International Project)
"Elephantesco" - 2011
Results from the "Grundtvig D.I.Y." Learning Partnership meeting in Kolin, Czech Republic over the May "Europe Days" 2011.

Daniel Lazenby (Wales)
"Der gierige Hund" - 2011
The short film is inspired from one of aesop's fables and was made especially for Animation Festival at SHOXXXBOXX 2011. The film was animated by Daniel Lazenby, Daniel is inspired by everyday life, geography, folklore, music and film, His work ranges from hand drawn illustrations, screen prints to graphic art.

The Ebertbrothers (Germany)
"Bluescape" - 2009
Bluescape is an experimental animation clip about the process of remembering. Something is triggered in the protagonist's mind, resulting in a cascade of memories strong enough to turn him inside out. The Ebertbrothers are Axel Ebert and Michael Ebert. They started working together in 2006, after having led individual careers as designer and artist.

Elizabeth Hobbs (Britain)
"The Old, Old, Very Old Man" - 2007
In 1635, the 152 year old Thomas Parr was taken on a journey to meet King Charles I, who ordered an immediate celebration of his longevity, with fatal consequences.

Erica Sklenars (New Zealand)
"String Figure" - 2009
Erica Sklenars is a New Zealand artist currently living and working in Berlin. Sklenars works predominantly in the mediums of performance and video with a low-fi aesthetic, examining the dynamic of humour in contemporary feminisms, investigating social conventions and the absurdity of human existence.

Felicia Bergstöm (Germany)
"Ponny" - 2009

George Ironside (Australia)
"Biff the Music Buff "The Auditions" - 2007

Graziella Russo (Italy)
"The Spassbett Projekt" - 2010
A stop motion film made with 4.000 photos. 2 models shot through out Berlin on an air bed.

Gregor Hamann, Johanna Wagner, Kristina Kulicova (Germany, Ukrainia, Czech)
"3,5% Fett" - 2011
Short crazy story-lacking recycled first-try animation about an average (birth)day in Berlin.

Heather R Lander (USA/Britain)
"Four Foxes" - 2011
I primarily paint in oil on canvas and after some workshops making animations with kids I decided to make one myself.

Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen (Denmark)
"wtc" - 2008
Rotoscope animation.
Denmark, but living in Glasgow.

Jasmin (Sweden)
"dance me to the end"

Juliane Vonna Schönhauser (Germany)
"War" - 2011
Formality is everything. / Juliane Vonna Schönhauser mainly paints, but also enjoys doing lots of other stuff.

Kaimes Animation Studios (Scotland)
"Laughing Sun" - 2009

Katharina Swoboda (Austria)
"Something inside me is meant to be kitsch" - 2010
Photo stop motion with attribute from my room.
I'm living, working and studying art in Wien. I make videos for fun and sometimes also earnestly.

Kim Schonewille (Netherlands)
"Aus die Maus!" - 2011

Krisdy Shindler (Canada)
"Fallible Progression" - 2005

Kristina Paustian (Russia)
"LA PUPPE" - 2007
"BLEACH" - 2009

Liam Ward (Scotland)
"Putseee" - 2011
Liam is an animater and photographer living in Berlin. This film is a short clip of a character cleaning.

Milan Mladenovic (Serbia)
"Dresing 8" - 2010/2011
"Liquidinka 8" - 2010/2011
Media artist.
living and working in Wien.

Neil Cairney (Canada)
"Fallible Progression" - 2005

Nikki Schuster (Austria)
"Buenos Aires Recyclers" - 2011
"Paris Recyclers" - 2011
A film animated with waste and sounds from Buenos Aires.
And a film animated with waste and sounds from Paris.

Patrik Jameson (Britain)
"Eliel" - 2009

RavingMadCarlos (Argentina)
"Portfolio" - 2011
born in Argentina, works and lives in Berlin. He started producing music, photographs, drawings and paintings after finishing highschool. As canvas the artist is recyceling old T-shirts and curtains. As musician he is rocking the house as a one man band. Amazing live shows mixing samplers, tapes, analog keyboards and RMC's unique megafoned voice and performance.

Robin Bushell (Britain)
"Just A Test - Beastie Boys remix Deja Death" - 2011

SHOXXX (Japan)
"Niconico Cooking" - 2001
"drawings" - 2008
Animated instructional film on cooking hamburgers, and a hand-drawn animation.

Solène Garnier (France)
"Warning" - 2007
Solène Garnier works as Stage Bitch for concerts, films and theater. She likes to play with people, puppets and analogue an ddigital music. She's mostly obsessed by death and sexuality, what is actually just normal. Sometimes she makes a film for fun. Her last hidden talent is aussergewöhnliche incredible newsletters zu schreiben, get one for free by aplying at

Vittoria Piccioni (Italy)
"Climate Change" - 2010
"Masks (Maschere)" - 2010
A short flm animated with stop motion and created with clay about the climate change. And a short flm animated with stop motion about the mask and clown.

Wang Yuan (China)
"Manipulation" - 2008
the self-figuration idea is not new, from early animation Out of InkWell featuring charater KoKo the Clown made by Fleischer brothers in 1921 to an Oscar winner film Manipulation (same name) made by Daniel Greaves in 1991. I think though there are many films about this idea, the connection between the figure been created and the animator makes them different.

Zeus Bears (New Zealand/USA/Germany)
"Motion Picture" - 2009

Please send us your short animation!! (28.Oct.2011 updated!)

Participating artists vol. 01 (01.Nov.2011 updated!)


VJ Chuuu (Berlin/JP)
- Turntable Animation -
SHOXXX (Berlin/JP) - Live Animation -
DAEYE (Berlin/FR) - Live Animation -
RavingMadCarlos (Berlin/AR)
- Electro Trash!! -
Tatsumi Ryusui (Berlin/JP)
- Live Ambient Noise -
Thought Creature (Berlin/NZ)
- Live Electronic Rock'n'Roll -
Salysol (Berlin)
- DJ Funky Jazzy DJ -


TULIP Enterprises (NL/Berlin) - >> view works on flickr
Liam Ward (UK/Berlin) -


Alice Morey (UK/Berlin)
Esther Gaston (FR/Berlin)
Karoline Lochner (Berlin) -
Martha Stawinska (PL/Berlin) -
RavingMadCarlos (AR/Berlin) -
SHOXXX (JP/Berlin) -

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