Exhibition - OPEN HOUSE - Leipziger Str. 60, Berlin, Germany

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Exhibition details

A huge group exhibition / art project
@ Leipziger Str. 60, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

< exhibition opening >
Wednesday Sep. 17th, 19-24h

Free opening with art, bar & DJ music by GOLDIN, Aérea Negrot & Conny Opper Vs. Kolmer (birthday boy!).

< exhibition duration >
Thursday Sep. 18th - Sunday Sep. 21th., 14-20h

Entrance on donation €2-5

< party night >
Saturday Sep. 20th 20-03h

event by iHeartBerlin

Hopefully such events will substitute more often boring exhibition openings. Konstantin Schneider aka The Kunstkontakter about Twist in my Sobriety.

Following the success of last autumn's show (http://twist-sobriety.tumblr.com) we are back and we are taking over a whole building on Leipziger Str. 60 in Berlin, Mitte. This art open house project is indeed last minute and impulsive; it's our modest contribution to Berlin's Art Week. No philosophy, no conceptualization, no fuss; just over 45 artists and curators who spontaneously decided to claim this beautiful vintage space and make it our own for a few days.
We invite you to discover every corner and every little room with an open mind, open doors, meet the artists, chill in the auditorium... the OPEN HOUSE is there for five days only, presented by Your Mom's Agency, Conny Opper, Codex, iHeartBerlin, COOP & the artists, with the support of Concept Audio, Wrangelkiez, Berlinpieces & Tausend.

< Participating artists >
Anna Pajak / painting • Anto & Casio / installation • Charla Wood / sculpture • Codex / painting collective feat. Patrick Cierpka, Oliver Gröne, Philip Grözinger, Lars Teichmann, Felix Wunderlich, u.v.m. • Danny Muster / collage • Dorit Bialer / design • Enrico Nagel / photography collage • Fabien Gilles / tape art • Fleur Helluin / painting installation • Gabriella Hirst / installation • iHeartBerlin / 7th anniversary special feat. Katja Hentschel, Florian Kolmer, Florian Reischauer from Pieces of Berlin, Chris Phillips from Pornceptual, Eylül Aslan, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Nicola Napoli, Alicia Kassebohm, u.v.m. • Joseph Amodei / performance • Kerta von Kubin / sculpture • Lady Gaby & Alice Morey / installation & performance • Lisa Wassmann / photography projection • Luciano Munhoz / photography • Marianne Jacquet / sound installation • Melanie Velarde / photography • Moshik Hayman / sculpture • Natacha Mankowski / painting & installation • Obi Blanche / photography • Phntm Beach / installation • Roy Menachem Markovich / video projection • Shoxxx / installation • Vemo Hang / painting installation •

more info : http://berlinopenhouse.tumblr.com
facebook : www.facebook.com/events/674143669320617

SHOXXX - installation "SHOXXX's fancy noisy playroom"

SHOXXX was born in Japan and is since 2001 working as graphic designer and illustrator. In 2005 she moved to Berlin where she started to create her own artworks, such as puppet making, screen- printing, live animation, painting and more.
For this installation, SHOXXX presented a whole room filled with her puppets and illustrations. Stay in the room for a while and you will feel the warmth of the atmosphere and slowly you will feel you are in the company of lively hidden souls.

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